KALIVAS-WING-EASTON-SCETCH-ENG Gianni's alloy race bike

Built in December 2016

“I received my bike a few days before the Christmas holidays. I got really excited because I finally had the custom racing bike like I had wanted for so long, built to my exact specifications. George explained everything about my position on the bike, and also I had the opportunity to ask for specific build details such as smooth polished welds a unique colour scheme and even the option to choose the frame decals written in Greek ” John contacted us to build an aluminum racing bike to use in his free time to exercise. Having made the necessary measurements for the seat tube and top tube lengths of the new bike, we communicated with him several times to propose some changes he could make to his current bike to improve his position and feel more comfortable at distances greater than 2-3 h. After making these changes to his position he rode it quite extensively to make sure he was happy before giving us the ok to proceed with the build of the new “Fidousa” frame. We completed the build with a Campagnolo Athena 2 x 11 speed groupset and Campagnolo Vento wheels.

Tech Specs

Frame Custom  Easton Lite
Fork carbon 1 1/8″
Components Campagnolo Athena 11v
Wheels Campagnolo Vento
Frame weight (indicative) 1480 gr.
Bike weight (indicative) 7800 gr.
Frame price (indicative) €1250
Bike price (indicative) €2400
KALIVAS-bike-Land-scaled Gianni's alloy race bike
Deda Energy custom alloy frame
Carbon fork 1′ 1/8″
Campagnolo Athena 2 x 11 speed groupset
1′ 1/8″ hourglass head tube
Campagnolo Vento G3 wheels
Deda Elementi handlebar nd stem, BBB seat post