cro-mo-single-speed-bicycle5 Katerina’s Cro-Mo Single Speed Bicycle

“From the bus window in Thessaloniki I noticed a cyclist who was going for quite some time between the cars with an incessant pedal action. My father explained that this was a ‘fixed wheel’ bicycle. I told him “I want one”. “

Katerina saw me build a lugged steel frame and asked to learn more, like many youngsters, about the Columbus frame tubes and the lugs, that is, the joints connecting the tubes to each other. So we began to design the lugs, the bicycle, first on the paper and then cut them on the CNC. We wanted to give the lugs a distinctive look in their carving and in all those details that featured a vintage skeleton.

The frame was constructed to be able to use it for travel to and from the university.

After the fabrication was completed, the fork and the rear seat stays were chrome plated.

Finally with Katerina we decided on the colours and the finishing kit of the bike.

Tech Specs

Frame Columbus SL Cro-Mo
Fork  Columbus Chromed Straight Blades
Components Single Speed
Wheels Hand built polished alloy
Frame weight (indicative) 1750 gr.
Bike weight (indicative) 7900 gr.
Frame price (indicative) €1800
Bike price (indicative) €2400
Size(s) Custom
Colour(s) Custom
cro-mo-single-speed-bicycle4 Katerina’s Cro-Mo Single Speed Bicycle
Columbus SL custom cro-mo frame
Chromed Columbus straight bladed fork
Kore leopard print saddle
Hand built polished alloy wheels
Classic drop handlebar