Single-White-scetch-ENG Columbus Thron Cro-Mo Single Speed

Frame built May 2015

Steel single speed with classic Columbus Thron tubing and threaded fork. The saddle, anodized components, comfort handlebar and a polished quill stem give this bike a special look.

Tech Specs

Frame Custom  Columbus Thron
Fork Columbus Thron
Components Alloy
Wheels Deep profle alloy
Frame weight 1870 gr.
Bike weight 8500 gr.
Frame price (indicative) €800
Bike price (indicative)  –
Single-White-Land-scaled Columbus Thron Cro-Mo Single Speed
Columbus Thron custom frame
πιρούνι 1″ με κεφαλή
Ανταλλακτικά ανοδιωμένα σε χρυσό χρώμα.
Αλουμινένιοι τροχοί με μεγάλο προφίλ.